Unjustly Accused of Excessive Use of Force?

The results of being accused of excessive use of force as a law enforcement or corrections officer can be far reaching:

  • Media reports can destroy the reputation of the accused officer and subject that officer’s family to ridicule before any investigation is even concluded for an accusation of an excessive use of force.
  • The officer can be exposed to being fired, thus losing all pay and benefits for his or her family.
  • The stigma of being fired from a career for what is considered a violent act while on duty could follow that officer for several years and significantly hamper any attempt at other employment.
  • The officer’s state law enforcement or corrections certification will be at risk of revocation. The Florida Administrative Code makes it a moral character violation. I finding of such a violation would make it impossible to work as a law enforcement or corrections officer anywhere in the state.
  • Jail or prison sentences may be a possibility if convicted of a crime as a result of the accusation of excessive use of force.
  • The officer’s pension might also be in jeopardy if convicted of such a crime.

All of these outcomes are possible even when the officer did nothing wrong. Because of the current anti-officer environment those who make the decisions to discipline or prosecute such cases are under ever increasing pressure to go forward with such cases.

Each Process Has Different Legal Components and Processes

A process that involves criminal, internal and certification investigations and their collective defenses are wrought with a multitude of seemingly endless and conflicting rules & procedures. If you find yourself accused of excessive use of force you have legal rights. Exercise them!

Don’t go into an interview or interrogation alone.

            If you are under investigation, or even suspect that you may be, you have a right to be represented. Contact me, your Florida Cop Attorney Martin White and let my experience be on your side.

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Martin White

I am a retired law enforcement officer and former prosecutor. I now focus my practice on representing law enforcement and corrections officers throughout Florida.